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Rumi London-Bhutan-Floral

A Sustainable British Brand

RUMI is a British contemporary brand, based in London, with a strong core of sustainable luxury accessories for men and women.

The RUMI label includes unisex scarves and ties in pure silk. Contemporary, sophisticated and effortless— the collections are defined by their superior quality and flawless attention to detail. The British brand’s luxurious accessories combine true British craftsmanship with cutting-edge printing and sewing techniques. Handcrafted from the finest organic silks, the unique and whimsical printed designs make an instant statement.


Founder & Director

A marketer by chance, an academic by accident and an entrepreneur by passion, RUMI’s adventure began out of her passion for the arts and culture and all things sustainable.  
As a self-confessed artist, RUMI has a unique way of combining the arts and cultures with vibrant colours and creating effervescent prints which makes each of her pieces exclusive and distinctive. Her designs facilitate creativity and style. Having grown up in Bhutan, a nation that pioneered the Gross National Happiness index and promotes sustainability, RUMI now resides in London, UK, where she creates her designs. The RUMI collection reflects many influences from Britain, Bhutan and Bharat, transforming classic motifs and heritage patterns into contemporary designs, thus forging the uniqueness of the RUMI brand.  



RUMI silk accessories are designed and printed in the UK. Every design has a unique imprint of the local art,  history and culture and connects to my story.



RUMI luxury accessories are crafted from the finest quality silk. Combined with over half century of unparalleled experience in silk printing methods, our pure silk accessories portray the finest of British craftsmanship .



RUMI accessories are printed on the finest GOTS-certified silks, ethically sourced and handmade to perfection by the UK’s leading heritage silk printers.

Rumi London-Bhutan-Floral

Our silk accessories printers are the only organic silk supplier in the UK and are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means that as a GOTS certified company, the production processes are stringently monitored to ensure that all fabrics are produced ethically, and in fair working conditions. This provides confirmation and reassurance to you, our customers, that our products are authentically organic, and produced with ethical and responsible practices.

 Our silk woven fabrics contain at least 95% certified organic fibres, and are free from any potentially toxic chemicals.


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