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Ethics & Sustainability

At RUMI LONDON, our aim is to operate with the highest ethical standards and endeavour to be sustainable. Our focus is to ensure each item is sourced and packaged with high quality sustainable materials and produced through ethical practices.

Here are fifteen ways how we are consciously trying to be sustainable and ethical in our business operations.

Plastic-free Packaging

We do our best to ensure all our packaging are plastic-free. We love our trees and precious oceans and make great efforts in avoiding use of plastics and papers that cannot be recycled. And where these are used by our suppliers, we encourage them to switch to eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

We have a strict packaging policy in order to reduce waste as much as possible throughout the process. We work on the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Reduce: We reduce landfill wastage by minimising packaging. This is why, you will find that our packaging is simple and has used minimal amounts of material, where possible.

  • Reuse: We operate on a zero-waste policy. We endeavour to re-use the cardboard boxes and packaging material (including plastics) used to pack our goods from our suppliers in order to cut down on creating new packaging.

  • Recycle: We only buy packaging that can be recycled. We are also working with our suppliers to use recyclable packaging, including any plastics used by them. We encourage you to recycle all our packaging.

Paper Over Plastic

We never purchase plastics for our packaging. Instead we source paper packaging that is also FSC-certified, which ensures the papers are responsibly sourced and can be recycled.

Ethical Suppliers & Brands

We only work with suppliers and brands that are serious about making a positive social and environmental impact and have similar values as ours – those that operate with respect and kindness to people and planet. We vet every supplier we work with to ensure they are ethical and sustainable. (e.g. FSC-certified, GOTS-certified, etc.)

Products With Provenance

We take great pains in ensuring that our accessories have a provenance. We do all of the research and curating for you. We strive to provide as many details on our products as possible to give you peace of mind about how the raw materials used to make the products are sourced, where they come from and what materials are used in making the products. This means you can shop local products without worrying about where it's been made or how it's made.

Sustainability First

At RUMI LONDON, you can discover products that match your values. We only source materials that are sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, recyclable, local, organic, FSC-certified, cruelty-free and child labour free (where materials like silk are sourced from developing countries) and created with ethical principles. All our gift wraps are made using recyclable and FSC-certified papers

Supporting The Local Community

When you shop at RUMI LONDON, you can shop with ease, knowing every purchase generates meaningful jobs and income for the local community. We endeavour to support local communities. By purchasing our products, you are helping keep the skills alive, whilst also supporting us in creating new jobs for the local community in regions of Britain with less job opportunities.

Supporting Small Businesses

As a small business, we believe in supporting other small businesses. We work with heritage and small businesses across Britain to help create our products. They are selected based on their ability to meet our high standards of sustainability, quality and exclusivity.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our products are made in Britain. This means that they are designed, printed and handmade in Britain. This helps reduce carbon footprint tremendously.

Exceptional Craftsmanship From Britain

We never settle for second best when it comes to quality. You can be rest assured that all our products come with the highest quality and finish, and often made using time-honoured skills. Our scarves are hand-rolled by skilled sewers while our ties are skilfully handmade by local people in North-West Britain who have been keeping traditional skills alive generation after generation.

No Fast Fashion

We make small quantities of all our designs so nothing goes to waste. This is why you may find that some of the products have limited stock.

We are not perfect but we are learning on the go. Over time we hope to incorporate higher standards of sustainable practices in every area of our business. We believe that through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future. And we need your help to be a part of it.

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